21 October 2019
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

Sportradar brought its whole suite of sports-betting and supply products to Las Vegas show

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- SoloAzar interviewed Neale Deeley, Sportradar’s Vice President of Sales for gaming in the US, during G2E 2019, held last week in Las Vegas. “What we bring along with our products is our expertise in supplying this market for many years,” he said.

What products have you brought to exhibit in this new edition of G2E?

We are exhibiting and talking about our whole suite of sports-betting and supply products. In particular, we are talking about our Managed Trading Services (MTS) all-in solution, a fully-customizable risk management and trading tool. The sports-betting landscape is developing globally and we think that operators need a flexible solution depending on the market opportunity. Talking about MTS also allows to highlight our range of other offerings including Live Odds, Betting Stimulation and Live Streaming. The point here is to emphasise to existing and potential clients the depth of offering that is on offer, not just in sports but also in gaming. More than that, what we bring along with our products is our expertise in supplying this market for many years; we can talk to operators at any scale and offer them solutions that will fit with their plans for the years ahead.

What are the products that stand out among these?

Not to be too obvious, but we think all our products are standouts. Our argument when it comes to the US is that the various expansion states already open or those set to legislate in the years to come will be markets that demand commitment from both operators and suppliers. The realisation is gradually dawning on people that you can’t be half-pregnant with US sports-betting. In this sense, the fact we have the whole suite of products available for anyone hoping it enter any given state is important. We can provide vital support that operators need. As an example, we will be talking to clients about our Integrated Trading Services (ITS) offer, a component of MTS. ITS enables businesses to continue to manage their own trading and functions, while being able to lean on Sportradar’s risk management and trading and other MTS benefits, where required. It’s the kind of plug-in-and-play offering that enables operators’ to significantly enhance their offering without having to go to the expense of building such a capability themselves.

With what expectations do you get to G2E every year and what are the goals? 

The obvious importance of G2E this year is that it comes as the landscape for sports-betting in the US continues to unfold. It means that this year’s show once again gives us the opportunity to talk to clients about our full suite of products and services. Yet, it is important to note how G2E is just one - very public - show of our commitment to the US market. We have dedicated huge resources to the US with multiple offices and a depth of talent working in the country. While G2E is a great opportunity to meet up with clients, we have been accumulating the air miles and wearing out the shoe leather since well before the fall of PASPA. That will continue after this show when we will once again be hitting the road, talking to clients, regulators, legislators and many others about the sports-betting opportunity and how Sportradar can play its part in shaping the market. These are exciting times for the US and further afield.

What are the goals of the Company from now until the end of the year?

Expansion in the US will continue to be a story for this year and for the foreseeable future and our goals are tied to that – to ensure we give operators in these territories to best possible product under the best terms. A major element of our business is the unrivalled relationships we have with the major sports leagues - the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB – and that is central to our official data proposition. I think the data proposition generally will evolve from here on in; we are working on providing ever more granular data models which will be helping bookmakers provide more markets, increased engagement and greater awareness for the sports themselves. The other element will be the development of our streaming services – this will be important for us and for the market.

Which are the markets in which the firm is more established and which are the new markets in which it seeks to enter?

To an extent, this is driven by our clients. We have a footprint in all geographies, from Europe, to the US to Asia and beyond. For gambling generally – and online in particular – Europe remains a bastion. We work with the largest gaming entities across the continent who are working with many elements of our comprehensive range of products and services. As important element to this is to understand that not just each region, but every individual gambling market differs from the next. It means that though we know we have the product for any new market, whether that be Brazil where sports-betting is very interesting, or any of the new US states. We have the product to enable operators in this market to offer competitive propositions and the expertise to guide and advise. Expansion in new markets is just one of our aims; we are also looking at incremental growth in existing markets, developing new products and moving into new areas of the business.

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