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"Francisco Leiva: Forging the Future of the Gaming Industry in Chile"

Friday 17 de May 2024 / 12:00

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(Chile).- In this interview held by CGS Events, Francisco Leiva shares his vision, experience and wisdom accumulated over the years. Current Corporate Manager of Strategic Development at Marina del Sol and Independent Consultant, he was also Superintendent of gaming casinos in Chile between 2005 and 2012.

"Francisco Leiva: Forging the Future of the Gaming Industry in Chile"

In the vibrant gaming industry in Chile, the figure of Francisco Leiva emerges as a key reference. An industrial civil engineer by training, his professional career has been a 35-year journey, from his beginnings in the public sector to his prominent role as Superintendent of Gaming Casinos, and more recently as Corporate Manager of Strategic Development at Marina del Sol. His Foray into this industry, marked by significant challenges and achievements, reflects its commitment to progress and innovation.

Tell us a little about your career, professional path and path to reach today; What motivated you to enter the Gaming industry?

I am an industrial civil engineer and my work career began in the public sector 35 years ago. First, in the Ministry of Health and then in the Ministry of Finance where I participated in the drafting and legislative processing of various bills, such as the money laundering prevention law and the gambling casino law.

Given my work in the legislative processing of the gaming casino bill, after the law was promulgated, in February 2005, President Ricardo Lagos appointed me the first Superintendent of Gaming Casinos to put the law into operation. Which meant a great professional and personal challenge, since it was about updating an industry that was far behind countries with similar development as Chile.

During the time you were Superintendent of Gaming Casinos in Chile, what were the most difficult challenges that you took on and what do you think was your legacy in the gaming industry?

The main challenge was to put the new gambling casino law into operation, which meant installing the Superintendency, selecting the personnel and preparing all the conditions for private investors to apply for the new gambling casino operating permits, achieving that 52 projects were presented for 18 available gaming casino slots, whose investment amounts exceeded US$ 755 million at the time, of which 55% corresponded to foreign investment and 45% to national investment.

The result materialized in the construction of 18 new gaming casinos accompanied by complementary works such as hotels, convention centers, restaurants and other leisure facilities that allowed them to be centers of tourist attraction in the various cities where they were built.

Without a doubt, the main challenge was to comply with the tender given the limited time restriction in which it had to be done. It was possible to have a competitive process where operators from different countries around the world participated, which radically changed what the casino gaming industry was like in Chile.

The legacy was having achieved the transformation of the casino gaming industry, which went from seven municipal casinos to a modern industry with 24 casinos and first-class facilities.

What big lessons did you learn throughout your career? And what message would you like to leave for future generations?

One lesson is that ambitious objectives can only be achieved by working with dedication and putting together good, motivated work teams with clear objectives, since in tasks of this type it is impossible to try to do it alone.

I think the message is to work with honesty, dedication, and without losing focus on the task entrusted to you.

What activities are you passionate about or what inspires you to achieve balance in your life?

Since I was a child I have always been passionate about playing tennis and I have tried to maintain it as a senior player. In this sense, I believe that exercising a sport allows you to maintain a healthy mind and body, which is essential to counteract the stress generated by a demanding and complex job.

Likewise, you cannot neglect family life, since in the end only they will be the ones who will accompany you in difficult times.

In short, the only way, although it is not easy, is to harmonize work demands with a balanced life.

Finally, what is your opinion about holding this important international event in your country, and being one of the hosts of such important international personalities?

It is very important for the country that these types of events are held that allow the interaction of the different players in the gaming industry, since it allows them to exchange experiences and generate contacts, so that the industry can continue to develop. To this end, the participation of public authorities, especially regulatory authorities, is also important, both so that they know the reality of the industry, but also so that they see where the industry is headed given technological and cultural changes.

Francisco Leiva's story in the gaming industry in Chile is an inspiring testimony of determination and success. From his crucial role in the implementation of the casino gaming law to his contribution to the growth and modernization of the industry, his legacy endures as a beacon of positive change. Beyond his professional achievements, Francisco reminds us of the importance of balance between work and personal life, as well as the need to stay focused on values such as honesty and dedication. His optimism and commitment to the future of the gaming industry in Chile are a reminder that success is achieved with effort, teamwork and a clear vision.


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