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“ICE Africa was a big success”

Wednesday 07 de November 2018 / 12:50

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(Johannesburg, SoloAzar Exclusive).-BtoBet was one of the companies that choose to be part of the inaugural edition of ICE Africa. Sabrina Soldà, Chief Marketing Officer, was interviewed exclusively by SoloAzar, and she said: “The ICE brand is a renowned brand in the iGaming industry which is synonymous of highly organized conventions.”

“ICE Africa was a big success”

What are you presenting in this inaugural edition of ICE Africa?

The main focus surrounding BtoBet’s activity at the inaugural edition of ICE Africa on African soil will be the recently launched White Label Certification Program. This is an obviously important step forward not only for the company itself but also for all prospective operators seeking a simplified way to enter in the hugely demanding iGaming industry, but at the same time still knowing of having a local partner providing him with all the necessary knowledge and assistance to operate in a successful way.

BtoBet’s network of Certified Partners, all highly proficient in all aspects related to operating within their respective geographical region of competence – be it jurisdictional, payments, and player needs amongst other aspects – makes the company’s advanced iGaming technologies accessible to a wider scenario of licensees on a world-wide scale no matter the location, market, and size of operations.

What feedback did you receive from the visitors?

The response to the WL Program has been nothing short of impressive. Most industry experts are of the same idea that the most successful way to enter intricate scenarios such as the African market is via a local partner. And this is effectively what this Program achieves.

The iGaming industry is a very intricate environment, where success of operations relies not only on the technological prowess that your products possess, but equally important on the knowledge and guidance that you have at hand. Success, especially in emerging scenarios such as the African context, relies heavily on finding the right technological partner who will take in consideration all these factors.

White Label Operators will gain access to a simplified version of the most advanced gaming platforms, which are perfectly suited to the requirements of small operations, with the ease of mind that they will have a local BtoBet Certified Partner setting up their organization, according to their brand requirements and player preferences.

How do you see this first edition of ICE Africa?

This  pratically first edition of ICE Africa was a big success. Considering that Africa is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with a potential that is still up till now not fully perceived, Clarion managed to organize an event that brought together all major local operators and service providers together under the same roof whereby they could experience and discuss the challenges that still hinder the full development of the local market.

What do you think the ICE brand decided to have their show here?

The ICE brand is a renowned brand in the iGaming industry which is synonymous of highly organized conventions. This helped in attracting international operators to travel to South Africa and participate in the event.

One has to keep in mind that the African iGaming scenario is still in its early stages. But nonetheless it has all the elements in place to be at the forefront of the global industry. The way that the whole local industry diverged in one place is a very encouraging prospect for the future.

Having a localized event is a fundamental factor for all parties involved, especially on a regional level, to determine and shape the local market’s agenda, with industry leaders having the opportunity to meet, analyze and discuss the unique approach that they must undertake to morph their activities to meet the needs and requirements of the African market. Not only was this expo successful in convening all the region’s major players together, but such an approach paves the way for prospective licensees to get a true idea of not only the challenges themselves, but the opportunities and the approach that must be undertaken to unleash the full potential of the market.

What is the presence of the company in the continent?

BtoBet is certainly not new to the African scenario, and is considered as a leading platform provider, with its Neuron technologies fully capable of meeting the diverse and demanding elements of the continent’s industry. The past years has seen the company evolve a very strong presence in the continent with many successful partnerships involving leading operators in place throughout 19 different regulated countries. Its experience in the region serves as its backbone when assisting partners in the region to reap the benefits and the huge potential that the area keeps in hold. However, it must be stated that for all businesses, and not only for BtoBet, the African market is a huge opportunity, especially when it comes to the widespread passion for sports, especially football, and the way that the whole continent has grasped the mobile technology.

How can you describe the gaming sector in the region?

South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria and Kenya are the countries with the largest and fastest growing markets and they feature high on the agendas of various operators due to their infrastructure, mobile penetration and legislations already in place. Although the African market has its own share of challenges, the lack of fast internet connections drives people towards mobile, with the majority of users accessing the internet solely on mobile devices. In this regard trends demonstrate that Africa seems to have mostly “skipped” the desktop generation.

In growing markets such as the African demographic, governments have steadily invested in undersea fiber-optic cables and infrastructures, and data related to the mobile and smartphones users – particularly in Nigeria, Egypt and East Africa – Kenya and Tanzania – are overwhelmingly positive.

And it is these elements that will determine growth for the local industry. In this environment, land based retailers can’t stay indifferent to the changing market and have to start moving quickly to Mobile and Online. Although sportsbook is very popular, and will continue to grow, all aspects of the African industry will continue to register growth through the mobile and online channels, especially as the infrastructures become more consolidated.

What are the company’s objectives for next year?

This year has been a very fruitful year for BtoBet, one that has seen the company consolidate its presence as a leading technological provider not only in established markets, but also in emerging ones especially Africa and Latin America.

As for next year we seek to pursue the same path and we are constantly monitoring the evolving jurisdictional situation in a number of unregulated countries in these regions. BtoBet will seek to further develop its role as a major player also in the more established European markets, and I am very pleased with how things are constantly evolving with a number of major operators showing great interest in our technologies.

Will you be present at other shows?

It is BtoBet’s intention to attend and be present at all the major shows, summits and conventions of the iGaming industry, both local and international.

These expos enable BtoBet to fulfil in the best way possible its mission of being a true technological partner, providing the opportunity for the company to meet with all its regional partners and discuss and evaluate together further growth in the region.

Furthermore, our experts frequently take center stage in panels discussing all the major topics on the industry’s agenda, delving in the industry’s latest new concepts and developments, and sharing their knowledge and expertise with those present.


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