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Sportingtech showcased its core product Pulse Platform at ICE 2019

Thursday 28 de February 2019 / 13:25

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(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Elvis Dzombic, Head of Business Development at Sportingtech, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he talked about the latest product releases and also commented about the firm’s expectations and goals for the current year.

Sportingtech showcased its core product Pulse Platform at ICE 2019

What has Sportingtech exhibited in the latest edition of ICE?

This year, at ICE 2019, Sportingtech showcased its core product Pulse Platform, its new features, most notably retail solution and cash-out system, but also know-how related to managing different modules in the system that helps operators to understand better how this system can improve their businesses.Due to very big demands for it, our retail application was officially presented as a part of the agent system structure of the platform. It is completely web-based application – no installation required, simple to use and optimized to any hardware configuration. Full range of Sports betting markets for pre-match and live betting are already supported, along with Virtual Gaming content.Cashout is also new feature that allows end customers to cash out their ongoing single or multiple bets, fully or partially before the rest of the bets are settled. For example; assume that you have placed a bet on a bet slip with three events, and first two events are settled as won. Customer will have the chance to cash out the related bet slip without waiting for settlement of the last event.Of course, the visitors had the chance to see the backend features of our Platform, to get familiar with sports betting offer, integrated casino and slot providers, virtual games, eSports, various payment systems and much more.

What are the expectations and goals every time you come to the London show?

This was Sportingtech’s second year at ICE in London, the show that pretty much stands for a ‘must’ when it comes to iGaming industry in general. We are at the moment focusing primarily on new acquisitions, but also growing our brand and meeting existing clients and business partners.

Sportingtech has definitely initiated a great interest, given the quality of technological solutions we offer and definitely made a strong foundation for wider distribution. Therefore, there is no better opportunity than ICE in London to present everything that is being done on the product development plan as well as strategy in terms of supporting new markets, understanding needs and regulation movements, operations, marketing, etc.

We always tend to use that opportunity to meet as many igaming stakeholders as possible, to talk to them about the industry, about the trends, about services and products, to discover new things and get more quality inputs that we always strive to convert into a more efficient solutions.

How important is it for the company to exhibit here?

This was partially answered in a previous question. ICE is the main meeting point for the entire industry. Some events may focus only on online segment, others on retail, casinos and slot games. You have events focused only on sports betting or small conferences discussing legislations per different regions. Those conferences and smaller events are also always important as you meet people you already know, to strengthen relationships and to keep your retention rate high, and eventually, to learn new information regarding the specific region in the industry.

 ICE is different, the biggest one. It gathers all areas of this business. 30.000 to 40.000 people in three days, and you always get to meet new people that bring new opportunities. That is the power of ICE London event and that is the reason why it is so important to be part of it.

How do you see this year's edition?

When we talk about exhibitors, year after year, market is more diverse. Many companies are emerging, offering and promoting the same or similar services. All this created many identical solutions in terms of marketing, but in reality, only fewer solutions are really delivering what is being promoted and serve the clients how they need. Market competition became stronger for this reason, as operators do have so many things to consider prior to making strategic decisions on acquiring new suppliers for their businesses.

Progress in quality is also indisputable, however, given the quantity currently in focus, both in product development and in the increase in human resources in the process, we find out that the level of service and expertise in providing them is definitely under question mark.

From an organizational perspective, Clarion is definitely doing great job. The event is progressing in every way. The role ICE has nowadays in the industry is extremely big as the whole chain relies on relationships and ICE is the best place to build or improve them.

What are the results of the company from ICE?

At this moment, I can say that this year’s edition has overcome our expectations according to many indicators. The concrete results are expected in the further period of 2019. Out of all the hot leads we acquired, 40% of them are from Latam, 35% Africa and the rest 25% are from South-Eastern Europe. All the potential clients are definitely interested in our online solution of the platform and more than 50% were inquiring about the retail system. This is already a strong indicator we are on the right path because we are getting clients from all the markets we are targeting. Also, this is a proof that our product development roadmap is set in accordance with markets demands.

How did you close 2018 and what are your goals for 2019?

We are making significant progress and growing rapidly. In 2018 we were still acquiring new clients, polishing our existing product features, and developing new ones. Most importantly, Sportingtech managed to position itself in all targeted markets with strategically important clients, around which we are establishing our base for further expansion.

The 2019 will be even more challenging definitely. So far, we have grown the team and we’re still growing and hiring bright new minds as well as experienced iGaming professionals. Our biggest focus is to launch all projects in pipeline and provide high quality service for our customer.

Due to the fact that our standard package offering is already including advanced features that are on big demands in the market, our business development plans are quite ambitious. In parallel, our product development is still working on new things so we can keep that high-quality pace.

The market is starting to open and regulate in places like Latin America, Africa ... Do you have expansion plans? What markets are you targeting?

Certainly, there is a plan we follow. As already mentioned, we have already established partnerships in the markets of South America and Africa, and we are building our presence around these strategic projects. We estimate that it will take some time for the complete penetration of our product, as well as regulating those markets in terms of legislation, infrastructure, responsible gaming, etc. These are still not so developed markets where establishment of advanced technology is a big challenge. That’s why we have our representatives, dedicated to understanding the needs from clients. More in details on how we can help the operators from these markets, can be inquired to email. We are always happy to advise on best practices. Also visit our website to learn more about the products and services we offer by following this link:


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