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Elevating your casino experience in video bingo with FBM games

Thursday 16 de May 2024 / 12:00

2 minutos de lectura

(Malta).- Ever wondered how to elevate your land-based casino gaming experience? The video bingo sector can boost your business like no other. Let’s explore some of FBM®️’s engaging video bingo product lines and their rewarding features and bonuses.

Elevating your casino experience in video bingo with FBM games

Operating a video bingo gaming section in your casino demands attention to various tasks - overseeing gaming floor activities, managing video bingo terminals and other gaming options, supervising staff, and ensuring security measures are in place.

But if you're aiming to keep up with the latest trends and attract more visitors to your establishment, every strategic decision counts. Embracing a mindset focused on mutual benefit is crucial. Read on to uncover some video bingo game features that could give your business a boost!

Video Bingo: why classics never fail

Incorporating a video bingo offer into your casino's portfolio holds a significant strategic importance. Beyond merely expanding the array of gaming options available, video bingo caters to a diverse demographic, attracting players who may not typically engage with other casino products like slots or table games.

The video bingo segment has been around for some time and it has captivated casino players for its interactive nature and rewards.

This diversity not only broadens the casino's customer base but also enhances its overall appeal as an entertainment destination. Additionally, a well-executed video bingo segment can contribute to prolonged player engagement, leading to increased customer loyalty and higher revenue generation – thus the importance of impactful game features.

Meet FBM’s winning game features

In video bingo, it’s all about completing those card numbers. They might complete a card line, a whole card pattern or the ultimate bingo card, which offers some nice rewards. In some markets, if a player makes Bingo! within the main draw (or the first 30 balls extracted), the Progressive Jackpot will be awarded. In other markets, the jackpot can occur during the bonus mode as well.

As a leading provider of cutting-edge gaming solutions, FBM has consistently delivered captivating experiences that redefine players’ expectations. Game features are therefore key when it comes to increasing game sessions duration - discover them all below:

The features behind FBM’s bingo hits

Mystery Prizes

When enjoying FBM’s video bingos, players can collect special rewards associated to the brand mascots Mr. Champion or Pig Boom! These two mystery prizes can happen collectively, meaning while play in the same room at the same time, adding more emotion and suspense to each round of the gaming session due to the randomness of their attribution.

The “Mr. Champioooon” sound & animations indicate that the draw for the Mr. Champion prize is about to begin and players then compete to be the first completing the bingo card of this special game mode. If they hit first the bingo, they collect the prize.

In Pig Boom!, the logic is similar but players compete to win one of three pots – Gold, Silver or Bronze. When Pig Boom! appears on the screen, it will pop up and reveal if players are entitled to get any of those compensations.

Special Balls

The amusing entertainment experiences offered by the FBM video bingos worldwide are, in part, connected to the winning power of its special bingo balls. During the gaming session players can get lucky to reach big wins with one of the following balls:

  • Magic Ball – when a Magic Ball appears, players can choose any number from their cards to be drawn and be closer to higher prizes or special or patterns that might grand them access to special features like bonus rounds.
  • Extra Ball – when the first extraction is finished, players can occasionally buy up to 12 Extra Balls, depending on the game, to try to get the number or numbers that are missing to achieve a big win.
  • Free Ball – when bingo fans buy Extra Balls the game can, from time to time, offer a Free Ball and elevate their chances at hitting a greater outcome.


Dive into the MULTIPOTS™️ and Bingo Collection video bingo bonus modes

Apart from those special features, each video bingo gaming collection has their own bonus modes with special surprises. Explore them in more detail below, as we delve into the MULTIPOTS and Bingo Collections by FBM.

MULTIPOTS Collection

In the MULTIPOTS gaming collection, which features the Cash O’Clock™, Rubingo™, 30 Mania™, Catch the Gold™, Bingo-Go™ and other video bingo games-, the distinctive characteristic is a special Multi Progressive bonus.

MULTIPOTS Bonus Feature

In the Bonus Mode, player’s picks define their output and the game gets more interesting. If a player hits the “M” pattern on a bingo card, they’re all set to some big wins with the MULTIPOTS feature:

  1. In the first level, they have 10 picks to use when selecting symbols. Either they win a prize right there, or they can get 3 MULTIPOTS symbols and evolve to the second bonus level, where a big prize awaits;
  2. The second level is where the magic happens. At this point, they are already guaranteed the prizes summed in the first level of the bonus. Here they can start picking MULTIPOTS symbols until they get one out of three jackpots available - Minor, Major or Grand.
  3. If luck is on their side and they get to the second level, they may end winning the ultimate Grand Jackpot.

Bingo Collection

In this video bingo product line, where you can find products like Maya Bingo™, Arctic Blast™, Bingolicious™ and much more, the numbers are also extracted automatically, and prizes come as players complete any of the winning patterns displayed on the main screen.

Giving the player the opportunity to pick and choose hidden treasures makes it more intuitive and engaging, increasing the duration of the session.

Bonus feature

  • If they hit a Bonus pattern, it is their time to shine. In the Multi-Level Picking Bonus, they can select from the hidden treasures, unveiling rewards and levelling-up their way to a new level;
  • In the Spin Bonus scenario, all they need to do is press Play to spin the reel and, if they get 2 or more consecutive symbols, from left to right, they win engaging prizes and will most definitely continue playing. In some games, if they get the Free Spins symbol on the second and fourth reel, they can win extra spins.

Start elevating your video bingo portfolio today

Operating a video bingo sector within your casino establishment may present its challenges, yet cultivating a compelling gaming selection that resonates with your clientele while driving profitability is key. Remember to strategize proactively and maintain a competitive edge to secure those lucrative victories!


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