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Tjasa Luin and thirty years of Alfastreet Gaming: “we prioritize a user-centered approach”

Monday 13 May 2024 / 12:00

Soloazar Exclusive

2 minutos de lectura

(Slovenia, Soloazar, Exclusive).-On the occasion of Alfastreet's 30th anniversary we spoke with its CEO Tjasa Luin, who reviews the main milestones in the history of the company born in Slovenia in 1967.

Tjasa Luin and thirty years of Alfastreet Gaming: “we prioritize a user-centered approach”

To begin, we wanted to do a little history and we asked Tjasa about the hard beginnings of Alfastreet Gaming about which she explained to us that the company “began over thirty years ago in a humble carpenter workshop in Rodik, a little village in southwestern Slovenia. Established in 1967, the Počkaj family business initially crafted wooden furniture for hotels, banks and libraries across the former Yugoslavia. However, with the political upheavals of the 1990s, including Yugoslavia's dissolution and Slovenia's independence, the market shrunk dramatically. It was during this challenging period that Iztok Počkaj, the son of the owner and current leader, struck upon the idea of producing a roulette station for a local bar. Launched under the Alfastreet brand, the product became an instant success, prompting the foundation of Počkaj d.o.o. and solidifying the Alfastreet name. Interestingly, some of the very first roulettes were ordered by companies that are now our esteemed competitors. This early success sparked a passion for innovation, leading to the diverse portfolio of games and gaming solutions we offer today”.

After these complicated moments that marked the birth of Alfastreet, the time came to grow and achieve several achievements, about which Tjasa explains "the past three decades have witnessed radical transformations in the gaming industry, driven by changing customer demands and stricter regulations. I’m proud that Alfastreet Gaming has not only weathered these storms, but emerged as a more adaptable and stronger company. Our rapid recovery from the recent pandemic exemplifies the dedication and resourcefulness of our team, and I consider it one of our greatest recent achievements.

The major turning points were the development of the simultaneous betting option, now an industry standard, and our relocation to new headquarters and production facilities in Sežana in 2019. These milestones fueled our growth and cemented our position within the industry."

At this point we wanted to know what Tjasa believes are the company's main differentials and she explained that “Alfastreet Gaming prioritizes a user-centric approach. We actively seek customer feedback and integrate it into the development of new products, ensuring our offer caters to both operators and users. This focus translates into user-friendly designs, efficient and intuitive software, and exceptional after-sales support.  Moreover, Alfastreet Gaming sets itself apart through a compelling combination of compact, high-quality designs, straightforward maintenance, immersive games, and an excellent quality-to-price ratio”.

The future of Alfastreet Gaming

What plans does Alfastreet Gaming have? What new products and services are you developing to commemorate your 30 years?

"Our 30th anniversary is a springboard for even greater innovation. This year's V-line launch at London Ice exemplifies our dedication to pushing boundaries in both hardware and software development. We're further elevating the user experience by introducing new, slightly more complex games alongside cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Beyond product development, we're taking significant steps to enhance customer service. A dedicated service-technical department will provide 24/7 support year-round, while a new digital platform will streamline reporting and improve overall efficiency."

-How does Alfastreet Gaming get involved with the community and the environment? What corporate social responsibility actions do you carry out?

"At Alfastreet Gaming we emphasize both social responsibility and environmental sustainability.  We actively partner with local communities, fostering connections through initiatives like school programs and event sponsorships. This commitment extends to our employees and supply chain, promoting a positive and rewarding work environment as well as prioritizing local talent and materials to strengthen our connection to the communities we serve.

We are also dedicated to eco-friendly practices. In collaboration with the Slovenian Business Development Agency (SPIRIT), we've been involved in an EU circular economy project. One of the project’s initial results is the upgraded "Verso terminal", featuring sustainable design and reduced environmental impact. This aligns perfectly with our vision to offer environmentally conscious customers more sustainable product choices".

-How is Alfastreet Gaming integrating artificial intelligence into its products and services?

“AI presents exciting possibilities for Alfastreet Gaming to enhance various aspects of our business, such as cybersecurity, data analytics for informed marketing strategies and overall development process, and production operations (e.g. more automated quality control and inventory management). While we're still formulating a unified company-wide strategy for AI integration, we strongly encourage our teams to explore its potential in these areas. By harnessing the power of AI, we aim to boost operational efficiency, minimize resource waste, and ultimately contribute to a more sustainable future”.

-How does Alfastreet Gaming see its future in the gaming industry? What objectives have been proposed for the coming years?

"Alfastreet Gaming aims to maintain its leading position in the global gaming industry. We envision ourselves not only maintaining our strong global reputation but also strategically expanding our market share in targeted regions. Our constant focus on cutting-edge technology, user-centric solutions, outstanding designs, exceptional customer service and sustainable growth will pave the way for achieving these goals.

Finally, we asked Nika to leave us a message from Alfastreet Gaming to its clients, employees and partners on this important anniversary and they told us: “On our 30th anniversary, a sincere thank you to our valued customers, employees, and partners. Your trust and dedication have been the foundation of our journey. We look forward to shaping the future of gaming with innovation, strategic expansion, and exceptional service, all while prioritizing sustainability. Together, we embark on a new chapter, fueled by a shared passion for gaming and a commitment to excellence”.

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