4 April 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

VNE presents its products at ENADA and announces investment and development plans in the international market

(Rimini, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Lorenzo Verona, General Director of the company VNE, is present at ENADA, where he spoke with SoloAzar about the novelties that the firm is launching at the show. It also announced investment and development plans in different markets worldwide.

What novelties are presented in this edition of ENADA?

We are presenting an exchange machine, which will manage sports betting for the Italian market, but also for the international market, because it is a product that will sell services, so we can sell it all over the world. This new product will to sell exchange services, it can be a currency exchange with banknotes, it can sell bets or services such as payment, such as a mobile card, etc.

First day of the fair, what feedback have you received from customers?

It seems to me that the market is less active, because after the pandemic it has been crazy, particularly in Italy. But it seems to me that the response to this type of product is very interesting. People are excited that we are going to introduce a new product after four years that they can do business with, so we see that there is an opportunity to sell the product where there is margin.

How do you see the Italian market regarding VNE products?

We are leaders in the Italian market. We have more than 90% of the market. We have contact with all dealers and with all customers. This is not a fair for us, it is a meeting with friends, to say hello, have a drink together.

What are the plans and strategy for this year?

The strategy is very important this year because we are going to invest a lot in the international market, mainly in Spain, Latin America and England, but we are also making a development plan in the German market and in the African markets. This year we plan to go public, where we are going to increase our share capital so that more can be invested in product development and the sales network. In the Italian market we make this type of investment and we think that we are going to earn more than 90% also with this type of product, also with online dealers and land-based dealers. It is a time of investment in the entire market.

Upcoming events for VNE?

The Barcelona fair, where we are going to present payment products, because we not only make products for the gaming market but also for the retail market, where we have a lot of products to pay directly at the till or buy the products directly and pay together with the purchase. We are always going to seek relationships with other companies to create a strong Italian-European network. The important thing is to be a group to be able to achieve products and results in the market.

ENADA PRIMAVERA - International Amusement & Gaming Show

Organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and promoted by SAPAR, Italian Association of coin-op entertainment machines, ENADA PRIMAVERA involves the whole chain of the game, and features a showcase of everything new in this sector. It's the most important expo for southern European trade members.