28 April 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´We presented our new partnership with SKS365 focused on PlanetPay365:´ Stefano Sestilli, Global Starnet

(Rimini, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Stefano Sestili, Director, Internal Auditing e Risk Management, Global Starnet, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he talked about the recent participation of the firm at ENADA and commented about the current situation of the Italian market and their future plans.

"After pandemic period this has been the first event that we can consider to be normal. We found a new enthusiasm in operators. We didn't see much innovation but atmosphere was very positive e this is a hope for the future", said Sestilli, who added: "We presented our new partnership with SKS365 focused on PlanetPay365. This product is a service platform that strengthens our business and expands the commercial offer for our operators. Thanks to this agreement signed with one of leading operators in the sector, we will provide a highly competitive and diversified package of services: payments, subscriptions, online ticketing, PayTV, gift cards."

When asked about the current situation of the sector in the country, he said: "In Italy gaming sector lives a very uncertain period. We all are waiting for new law rules and mainly we hope in homogenization on all over the territory because at the moment we have a lot of differences between the various areas of Italy."

"At the moment it's difficult to design a specific business strategy because, as you say, we are waiting for knowing rules for the new license. Of course our priority is to have the new license because our company has a conoslidated business with loyal partners. Only in a second time it wil be possible define a strategy about product, distribution, offer."

Finally, he said that the company has many topics to manage about current business, so at the moment the firm can't plan to look at other markets in Europe.

ENADA PRIMAVERA - International Amusement & Gaming Show

Organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and promoted by SAPAR, Italian Association of coin-op entertainment machines, ENADA PRIMAVERA involves the whole chain of the game, and features a showcase of everything new in this sector. It's the most important expo for southern European trade members.