26 May 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Chile is in the process of regulation, which is a very good opportunity for this show´-Daniel Magariños, BMM

(Santiago de Chile, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Daniel Magariños, Sales Manager for Latin America of BMM Test Labs South America, spoke with SoloAzar within the framework of the CGS Latam fair, which took place on May 24 and 25 in Chile.

It is the first edition of CGS Latam here in Chile. How do you see this edition and the format of the event?

On the first day we participated in the conferences, which were all super interesting. The networking event with the stands is very good. I believe that this is one of many more events that will become a traditional event in the region. Chile is in the process of regulation, which is a very good opportunity for this fair to be held here. We have the opportunity to chat with many local operators, there are also international companies, which is very good, because when we talk about regulation, everyone who was previously in the gray areas of Latin America begins to show up, and they also begin to show an interest about the benefit of being in a regulated country. That opens many businesses not only here in Chile, but it will have repercussions in the region.

As for the talks, we participated in a talk on the 25th at 10, where I moderated a panel with EventBET, Playtech and Evolution. On the virtues of a good platform and the profile or trend of players in Latin America.

As a company, what are the next steps for the rest of the year?

We have already participated in Cartagena, we will also be in Peru, where we play local, then in Brazil, in Punta Cana, then there is an impasse from July to September and in October the fairs start again, there is an event in Mexico, CBS in Miami, so we have all the energy to participate in the shows again after this impasse fdue to the pandemic.

Finally, I highlight the pleasure of returning to the fairs, of being able to share the professional part, the commercial part and the satisfaction and pleasure of meeting people again face to face, and share not only events but also feelings and good moments.



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