14 September 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Digitain put Armenia in the eyes of the whole world´: Luis Figo, Brand Ambassador, Digitain

(Armenia, SoloAzar Exclusive).-Last August 30th, Luis Figo held a press conference as Digitain Brand Ambassador, in which he spoke together with Digitain’s Founder Mr Vardges Vardanyan. Representatives from iGaming international media and Digitain staff were present. We share some of the questions and answers from the former football star and businessman.

Last Tuesday, August 30th, Luis Figo, Digitain Brand Ambassador, visited its state-of-the-art installations in Yerevan, Armenia. Digitain Founder Mr Vardges Vardanyan gave a welcome speech to Mr Figo.

Then, Figo said: “It’s a great pleasure for me to join Digitain family, to be here at Erevan, my last time here was when I played a Legend’s game, and when you come to play football, you don’t have much opportunity to see the culture of the country and meet the people…you just visit airports, hotels, stadiums and go back, so I am very pleased to come again and to spend time here. For me the company is really a big surprise to see how many people are working, I see the happiness of the people receiving me, so congratulations Mr Vardges and I think you must be very proud for what you have achieved, for the people who works with you and for what you give to the country. I think it is a reference for Armenia, and Digitain puts Armenia in the eyes of the whole world, so I’m pleased to be part of a big company and I will try to engage in terms to promote, the best as possible, to have the chance to help the company become bigger and bigger.”

After that, he answered some questions from the iGaming international media representatives.

What are your thoughts in sponsorships in football and other sports?

I think everything that is healthy and clean, is good. For the clubs, I think it is a very important form to get revenues and maybe to help them have better teams and better players, and recently I saw, because I work for UEFA, that it allows betting companies to get into the sponsorship, so they are legal. I think that everything is clear and legal, so it must be allowed to be in this industry.

Did you have any sponsorships in the past?

A few years ago I had a sponsorship with a sports company in Asia, that I had to stop because I decided to be candidate for FIFA President, so in that process I had to step up of that deal, and after that, I couldn’t because I started working for UEFA, and at that moment I didn’t have authorization for that kind of partnerships. But now I have this opportunity and I’m pleased with that.

Why have you chosen Digitain for the sponsorship?

Well, when I think to do a partnership with a company, I think it is always a big inspiration, because, in the past, when I was active and I was playing, I had the chance to have big partnerships with big companies, and I was always looking to have long-time relationships, because it means that you can give and receive in the same way, to give a good service and establish a good relationship, so I always do my best.

I was a football player and after that I started to be a businessman too, because I run my own companies I then experienced that I had to deal with negotiation of contracts and I think I had the experience in terms of contracting people, so that experience helps me to take some decisions in my life.

How have you received Digitain proposal to become part of the team as Brand Ambassador?

The first step was the interest to work together and, to tell you the truth, it was not a fast process, but I am very pleased. As I said, I didn’t know the company before, but then I was informed and I was very surprised, and now I am very happy to be part of the family.

What are your expectations for this new task?

I expect to be part of this family for a long time, I think we will make Digitain known more and more in other markets, and I’ll try to do my best. In the next 6 months I will be present in different countries, such as Romania, I think I will be in Poland, in Amsterdam.

Netflix has recently released a documentary in which you are the protagonist. What can you tell us about this global release?

It was a challenge from Netflix and I had the chance to tell my story, my true story. After so many people talk about it, and I’ve been working in it for a year. For people interested in football it will be interesting to watch, and at the same time it’s history, in terms of markets, in terms of rivalry between two teams, and for my daughters it is an opportunity to watch and to know what happened.

What can you tell us about your achievements?

For a little boy that started playing football in the street, I’ve never dreamed I would play football at a professional level, and I think it is very important what I achieved. I think the most important thing, in football and in life, or working in a company, or in other areas, is working in a team. And if you don’t have success in terms of a team, you won’t have success individually, so I think it’s a complement.

If you could have chosen to play in one more team, which one would you choose?

Maybe Liverpool because, when I was a child, I always watched Liverpool in Champion’s League.