5 October 2022
SoloAzar Exclusive

Soft2bet celebrates its 6th anniversary in the iGaming industry

(Cyprus, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Afifi Hamza, Director of Public Relations in Soft2Bet, granted an interview with SoloAzar related to the celebration of 6 years of the company in the iGaming sector. He shared with us the strong work of their staff they had been doing along all these years and certainly remarked their productive present and future.

Soft2Bet is a rapidly growing and dynamic casino and sportbook platform provider and operator group offering exclusive games and the best titles from the world’s top gambling suppliers, including jackpot slots, branded video slots, tournaments, live casino and sports betting.

The company has developed and deployed over 53 successful websites with 7,000 casino games, seamlessly integrated into its high-performing platforms. It is one of the fastest-growing online casino groups in Europe, boasting 100 game providers and 110 payment providers.

What were the company’s goals, mission, and vision at the very beginning, and which are the current ones?

Soft2Bet has a solid foundation that is rooted in our company’s vision to bring innovation and expansion to the industry. We also aim to make iGaming more reputable and responsible.

However, as you can imagine, our goals, vision, and mission are not and can never be set in stone because they often change in accordance with our growing organization as well as the changing times.

How was your experience during the pandemic situation and how did you take advantage of it? Did you have to adapt, or it worked well for you?

An increase in online traffic was felt across the industry as many people stayed at home during the pandemic. There were also numerous challenges on the legal front as some countries created restrictions on gambling operators, while others regulated their markets, creating new policies that we had to comply with.

However, the pandemic has also accelerated certain online casino trends, as well as causing an increase in customers. So we refined the way we do business, emphasizing transparency with our players and we also put several useful tools in place, to combat the issue of gambling addiction.

Could you make a brief balance of these six years in terms of technology and innovation?

Modern technologies have indeed influenced the way Soft2Bet has developed and made strides in the last few years. For example, we have improved our development processes which have in turn, improved our user experience, making it more reliable, and accessible.

We have also improved our mobile gambling option, as it is now more convenient and secure for players.

Soft2Bet is also pleased that most of our casinos now accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

In the last six years, we have continued to incorporate the industry’s trends in order to take our products to the next level. Soft2Bet also looks forward to improving our platforms even more, in accordance with the many technological changes that are continuously occurring.

Which are the main markets you operate with, and which markets are you trying to aim soon?

Soft2Bet has acquired licenses including MGA, SGA, DGA, as well as the Irish license. We can safely say that we are looking forward to securing licenses in more European territories and LatAm, as these markets are rapidly evolving.

Can you tell us about future projects?
When it comes to our projects, we always make sure that the face and the overall design of the sportsbook and casino are welcoming to users as first impressions are everything. They can then enjoy thousands of casino games, as we are constantly increasing the number of titles to accommodate every kind of player out there.

On top of that, we also place a strong emphasis on gamification as this helps us improve our overall user engagement and appeal to potential customers that are looking to gamble in new and unique ways.

Soft2Bet is pleased to share that we have various new and unique brands that are upcoming and will be rolled out to the iGaming industry soon.

 How are you going to celebrate this 6th year?

Soft2Bet’s 6th birthday was the ideal moment to have a little fun, while reflecting on what’s great about our business, and sharing that with our customers, through social media. It was a milestone for us, our whole team, and the clients we have been working with. So, we celebrated our achievements by organizing three parties across three of our offices. These were centered around making our employees, and our partners feel appreciated and valued for their hard work.