23 August 2022
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What Are the Benefits of Playing on Regulated Online Casinos?

The boom in online gambling appears to be no closer to coming to an end. More and more people are choosing to play games at online casinos, both for fun and to try to win cash.

However, those who are new to playing games at online casinos might not realise that not all sites that are out there and available to join are licensed and regulated in exactly the same way. 

Indeed, there are plenty of unregulated online casinos out there. These sites might seem as though they are safe enough to use, but they can be a much riskier option for playing games. 

Here, the experts from BettingGuide.com go over the benefits of using regulated online casinos.

How Are Online Casinos Regulated? 

The laws regarding online betting can be very different around the world. As an example, the United Kingdom is known for having some of the loosest rules and regulations for this industry. 

In the UK, there is an official body called theGambling Commission that regulates the sector. In order for online casinos to operate legally in this country, they need to secure a licence from the Gambling Commission, which aims to protect UK players from those unscrupulous operators. 

Sites that have a licence from the Gambling Commission will show details about it at the bottom of the page. If this information is missing from an online casino, this is deemed to be a red flag. UK players who join a casino site that does not have the right official licence from the Gambling Commission cannot be assured that it is going to be safe and secure to play games like slots. If a site is unregulated, it could indicate that its casino games are not fully fair to play. 

Bodies such as theMalta Gaming Authority also provide licences to online casinos as well.

Regulating Online Casino Games 

A lot of players who have held back from joining online casinos to play games like poker, roulette, craps, blackjack and slots have done so as a result of being worried about fairness. 

While a visit to a brick-and-mortar online casino means a player will be able to see the outcome of a roulette spin on a physical wheel, this is not the case when playing via the internet. 

As a result, some people have grown to believe that online casinos are a 'scam' with rigged results. This is not true, however, or at least not for online casinos that are properly regulated.

Games at online casino sites should work on a system known as a random number generator. In a slot game, for example, the outcome of a spin of the reels will be automatically generated at random by the system, which theoretically ensures a level of fairness is delivered to players.

Choosing a Regulated Online Casino 

With so many different online casinos out there, choosing the right one can be a challenge. After all, they claim to be the biggest and best online casinos available - that cannot always be true. As mentioned above, looking out for the details of a casino site's licence is a good place to start, but casino players probably do not want to have to pore over a site for this before opting to join. 

Instead, checking out reviews of casino sites from fellow players can be a good idea. This allows a user to see exactly what a casino is like, including an indication of if it is safe. Using industry sites such as BettingGuide.com is also worthwhile for a lot of players as well. Their experts go through all the online casinos available and pick out the top regulated options. 

Among the things to consider when choosing a regulated online casino is the range of games available, with poker not always offered, though classics like blackjack and baccarat often are. It is not unusual for an online casino to boast thousands of different slots these days. The list of titles on offer can include branded games based on TV shows such as Deal Or No Deal, while companies have even developed branded slots based on rock bands such as Motorhead too. 

Customer service is another area to think about when deciding which online casino to join. In an ideal world, support is available 24/7 via live chat and email, while an FAQ should be in place.

Regulated Online Gambling Protects Players 

The world of online gambling can be murky and it is no shock to see it can be controversial. After all, not everyone believes that online gambling is a good thing - the sector has its critics. 

However, the positive about using regulated online gambling sites like casinos is that they protect players. Users can feel assured that their personal and financial info is kept safe. Players at regulated casinos also benefit from games being checked for fairness regularly. This is not always the case at global casino sites that have opted not to become fully regulated. 

Another key thing about regulated online casinos is that they usually take responsible gambling a lot more seriously. This means policies are in place to help people to keep a close grip on their spending, with deposit and loss limits among the features that can be used to curb spending. 

Regulated online casinos are good for countries too. The UK, with its lax laws on online gambling, has been able to bring in a large amount of money through taxation as a result. In America, where the rules on online betting and gambling have been loosened in the last few years after a key move by the Supreme Court, more and more states are legalising betting. 

This allows them to tax gambling operators, bringing in more money that can fund public services. So while not everyone likes online gambling, they can still benefit from it too.